Just Vote

I’m so frustrated

That you have waited

In hospitals

And surgeries

In bus stops

With urgency,

At train stations

And police stations

And complained at this nations

Dire situation.


And now your apathy

Creates a snap in me

That I cannot contain.


Just get off your back-side

Stop trying to hide

Stand up and be counted

Tell those that you’ve doubted

That you won’t be ignored.


Don’t you dare

Sit at home and stare

At 4 walls and pretend

You don’t care to lend

Your opinion.


Your vote matters.

Cast it or your right to moan is in tatters.

You matter.

You make a difference.


You think you are insignificant,

But your opinion is magnificent,

If everyone lived with such ignorance,

I dread to think of the significant,

Impact, that would have on us all.


You don’t even have to do it in daylight.

You can go right up till ten at night,

In the streetlight.

But please, please stand up tall.

Just cast your vote, tell them all

That you will not stand by and watch the fall.

Just step right up and vote in the stall.


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