My Man

My man is handsome,

My man is cool

My man snores

And in his sleep drools

My man makes me laugh

In every single way

And we laugh together

Every day.

My man has hurt me

And I have hurt him

Nobody’s perfect

But we’re both forgiven.

I’ve seen my man cry

His most vulnerable

I’ve wiped his eyes dry

His most lovable.

Sometimes he’s down

My man frowns

But when he does

He soon turns it around.

I love my man

More than any other

He is my man

We have each other.

I look at him

And I hear bells

Each day my love grows

And my heart swells.

We are growing old together

Living the dream

Hand in hand

Watching the stream.

Life flows by

Not always gently

Sometimes it rushes

There’s always plenty,

To think about

And see and do

Life can be tough

But we see it through.

We weather the storm

Until it passes

We are strong

Raise your glasses,

To me and him

To him and me

My man and his wife

It was meant to be.

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